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What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen TreesOne of the most important elements to an organization’s digital presence is having effective and engaging content on their website. If you operate in the aerospace sector like Avtron, this is especially important. Customers rely on your website not only for product information, but also helpful and interesting content. In many cases, your website provides the first “introduction” potential customers have to your company.

To that end, what is evergreen web content? The term “evergreen” comes from evergreen trees, those that keep their leaves all through the winter. This is a perfect metaphor for the type of content that B2B companies should be focusing on online.

What is evergreen web content?

Evergreen content is essentially any piece of content that does not lose its value over time. This type of content stays relevant and informative, regardless of the time it’s accessed, and continues to provide value to your online visitors. Evergreen content can be just about any type of material on the web, but some examples include web pages, blog posts, videos, and eBooks.

For example, a static page about one of your flagship products acts as evergreen content. This page will continue to provide value over time to visitors that need information about what your company provides. It will also continue to appear in search engines when the user is looking for information, and can be used as a reference in the future.

Another example could be a blog post about how to recognize when your equipment is due for calibration, or a troubleshooting guide for software that your company sells. These types of articles save your customers time, and address the issues that they may face again down the road.

Why is evergreen content important?

Evergreen content is important because it attracts more and more visitors to your site over time. This means more viewers of your content, more leads responding to calls-to-action, and eventually more customers. Content that stays relevant, and attracts people in your ideal customer market, is an asset for your business.

What types of content should I avoid?

There isn’t a set standard for which types of content are okay and which aren’t. Every business is different, and every company is looking to attract the attention of different types of customers. When your business has something valuable to share online, you should always make sure to do so.

Some types of web content, however, are inherently time-sensitive. A regular standard in the aerospace industry is to publish a blog when your company is attending a trade show or large conference (we’ve done it plenty of times ourselves). Often these types of posts are absolutely relevant to your audience’s interests. What you’ll see on your website, though, is a large bump in traffic to these pages before and during the event, but a large drop-off when finished. Content like this fails to retain its value over time, and likely won’t be a popular target for visitors after the event.

That’s not to say that time-relevant content isn’t important. After a large company event, milestone, or update, you should always put these out for your visitors if you believe it will provide value to them. These posts can inspire positive public relations and brand loyalty with your audience. It pays, though, to be aware of why you could be seeing a dip in traffic after events have passed.

What do you think is the best kind of content for attracting new and returning readers? How has your business succeeded in the aerospace marketing arena? Let us know in the comments below.

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