What Is The Avtron Advantage for Aviation Test Systems?

Avtron Aerospace offers every aviation industry customer the advantage of an uncommon blend of capability, flexibility, reliability, integrity, and global reach. The Avtron Advantage lets you draw upon the technical innovation and system integration expertise of the most experienced engineering group in aviation test systems.

Avtron Advantage Plane

The Avtron Advantage also means many other things:

  • We will NEVER compromise safety.
  • We will NEVER compromise your mission.
  • We will NEVER compromise the economic value that our long-lasting aviation test systems can provide for years to come.
  • And we will NEVER compromise on our promise to you to deliver as promised.

A History of Aerospace Innovation

Since 1953, Avtron has been a leader in the development of aircraft power test systems. Avtron engineering expertise and equipment were critical to the development of 400Hz electrical systems found on modern aircraft, and we continue to support leading-edge OEMs in the development and test of high power, wild frequency starter generators, and high pressure hydraulic motors, pumps and actuators. That tradition of power system testing innovation continues today with our work with developers of hybrid and next-generation aircraft power (that is, more electric aircraft or MEA) systems.

In-Depth Aerospace Applications Expertise, High Customer Satisfaction

As proud as we are of our past successes, we’re just as enthusiastic about the ones that lie ahead. We know that success in this industry depends on delivering flexible, high-quality equipment that ensures successful implementation and high uptime.

Today, Avtron continues to develop new testing solutions so we can stay the preferred provider of generator and hydraulic test systems, automatic test equipment for electronics, ground support equipment, bonding meters, and custom test solutions used to test aircraft flight components. Customers include leading aircraft manufacturers, component OEMs, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) entities, and ground support facilities worldwide. Each Avtron system is backed by responsive technical support, no matter where the equipment is installed or how long it’s been since system purchase, so you can be confident it will deliver many years of productive testing.


Avtron’s Commitment to Quality

Avtron’s quality system is certified to ISO-9001: 2015. Our employees receive applicable training in the quality system requirements. Avtron is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our business processes, customer satisfaction, and product reliability. To view our quality certification, please click the icon below: 

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