AVRplus™ Test Voltage Regulator

voltageThe AVRplus is the most cost-effective Test Voltage Regulator available due to a universal design that allows it to be used with any test stand. It can be used for testing AC and DC generators, servo controlled IDGs, and CSDs, as well as VSCF and VF generators. This is accomplished with emulation software that allows the AVRplus to simulate more than 100 different GCU/VRs. These different test personalities can be simply and easily selected with its front panel pushbuttons and display screen. A universal current transformer (CT) package is also available for the AVRplus to emulate external line CTs required by various test specifications.

The AVRplus eliminates the need for test operators to purchase and inventory flight worthy GCU/VRs, OEM test voltage regulators, and CTs for their test stands. Dedicating these costly and long lead-time items to test operations greatly increases the total cost of testing. In contrast, it’s easy and cost-effective to upgrade the AVRplus by adding new GCU/ VR emulation software, which can be done without purchasing special computer hardware.

The AVRplus contains many protective functions found in flight worthy GCUs. It also allows a user to display real-time test data and vary the unit’s functionality through its built-in test capability. Furthermore, a UUT’s fault history can be viewed for quick troubleshooting.

When used with Avtron’s ATE++ test environment, an AVRplus is automatically configured in a plug-and-play fashion when it’s connected. In addition, the AVRplus can be tested and calibrated on Avtron’s UnivATE test sets.

The AVRplus package includes the unit itself, multiple personality (GCU/VR emulation) software, plus an off-line power supply, calibration tools, computer interface cable, and operator’s manual. All this is enclosed in a rugged shipping/storage container. This
investment will result in significantly lower capital equipment expense and test stand operating costs.


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