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Since 1953, Avtron Aerospace has been developing innovative test technology to support the needs of commercial and military aircraft manufacturers, component OEMs, and MRO facilities worldwide.  Today, for our R&D customers, we continue to build on that legacy by delivering the customizable test solutions they need to envision, create and refine the next generation of flight systems. We’ve delivered generator and hydraulic test systems to leading Iron Bird, Copper Bird, and Systems Integration Labs (SILs) around the world.


Boeing K708

Dual 1500 HP prime movers provide Engine Start Simulation capability

What Makes Avtron Aerospace Different Is What Makes Us Better

Designing a new airframe is a massively complex, often years-long undertaking. The last thing your already tight schedule can tolerate is a test system that’s difficult to install or commission properly, produces unreliable data, or is a poor fit for the intended applications. You need a test solution provider with the experience to help you determine and specify your testing needs quickly, even when the platform specifications are still evolving. Avtron Aerospace specializes in integrating test equipment from multiple vendors with our own and getting test system projects back on track, so you don’t put your delivery schedule at risk. In fact, we lead the industry in on-time project completion. Our business management system is certified to ISO 9001, the international standard for Quality Management Systems. 

We Speak Aerospace

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Avtron Aerospace brings in-depth engineering expertise in testing aerospace generators, starter motors, actuators, pumps and motors to your development project. And, unlike test system developers with a more general industry focus, we also speak the language of aerospace and understand the relevant industry standards and testing requirements because that’s all we do.


Your Statement of Work Is Just Our Starting Point

When you talk with our customers, you’ll hear a common refrain: “Avtron delivers a lot for the money.” Unlike the “bare minimum” interpretation of your SOW some other system developers provide, we strive to interpret its actual intent in terms of performance and usability, so we can provide more value in the final deliverable. That “make the customer glad they chose you” perspective is how we’ve built our reputation for quality within the industry.

Iron Bird and Copper Bird Solutions


Turbine Engine Stimulation

Turbine Engine Simulation for Engine-Driven Hydraulic Pumps

Turbine Engine Simulation & Prime Movers

We can work with you to define your test needs precisely, and then engineer a customized system to simulate turbine gearbox output within your lab.


Custom configuration options include:

  • Drive and motor configurations from 50HP to 2000HP
  • Single- or dual-coupled motors for reduced inertia
  • Single-, dual-, or triple-pad gearbox configurations and speeds up to 100,000 RPMs
  • Custom UUT cooling hydraulic supplies
  • Custom load bank configurations
  • Coordinated drive control of multiple drive stands
  • Digital or analog speed and ramp rate control
  • Engine start simulation (ESS) and customized software for specific use and control requirements

Avtron Aerospace develops test software and test programs that strictly follow governing test procedures using the relevant industry guidelines and standards.

We understand component performance and have provided systems to drive engine-driven pumps, starter motors, and a wide range of AC and DC generators.  Drawing on our deep applications experience with aircraft pumps, motors, and generators, we design and build reliable test equipment to integrate easily into your overall lab architecture.  Avtron’s extensive experience integrating AC, DC, and permanent magnet motor technology ensures we can supply the best motor/drive combination to meet the demands of your applications.

Advanced Electrical Loading Solutions


Screen shot of software managing an advance electrical loading installation

Our in-depth experience with load bank design and integration gives us an edge in designing and building the software needed to control complex loading requirements.  Our “load farms” are widely used in laboratory load simulation applications. Both manually and remotely operated load banks can be customized to your specific requirements.   We provide specific design features required for testing aircraft power systems, including AC/DC generators, power converter units, and copper/iron bird simulation labs.

Avtron works exclusively with leading load bank manufacturers around the world.  Our attention to quality and our reputation for reliability ensures Avtron load banks provide you with superior quality.  Whether you need resistive, reactive, capacitive, dual voltage, or wide frequency range load banks, Avtron Aerospace can meet your load bank integration requirements.

Dynamic Loading of Actuators

Avtron Aerospace designs and builds hardware-in-the-loop, flight surface loading simulators that integrate a hydraulic power supply, hydraulic loading system, electronics rack with test and measurement instrumentation, and a user interface PC.  Our data acquisition and control system delivers precision loading and position control with frequency response rates higher than those of the flight components under test (greater than 10Hz); system-tuning algorithms allow commissioning complex systems in minimal time.  Our applications experience includes the communication interface to flight control computers, which lets us deliver fully capable load simulation and test solutions quickly and on budget.Environmental Chamber

Integration of Environmental Chambers

If your development lab requires integrating additional support equipment, such as environmental chambers, vibration tables, EMI chambers, or high speed data acquisition equipment, Avtron has the integration expertise you need.  We can help with the specification, procurement, and integration of a variety of external support equipment for your laboratory.  Our background in providing test equipment for development and SIL labs has allowed us to work with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers of support equipment.

Dynamometers for Advanced Aerospace Applications


Simple operator interface for system integration lab prime movers

Avtron Aerospace offers a wide range of customizable dynamometer solutions based on AC regenerative and non-regenerative drives.  Our expertise includes high speed torque measurement with temperature compensation, wide ranges of programmable test profiles, and solutions that support the integration of environmental chambers.  Given our expertise in precise braking control over a wide speed range and our ability to incorporate complex speed torque profiles for applications like starter motor testing, we can be your ideal supplier for many applications.


Dyno application for aircraft starter motors

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