Return Service/Return Material Advice (RMA)

Avtron’s Return Material Advice (RMA) service is available to customers with portable products or parts requiring repair or upgrade. Please complete the form below and click the submit button at the bottom of the page in order to request this service and/or apply for an RMA number. Please email or call 216-750-5152 ext. 1358 with questions regarding this service.

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INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Shipments sent from outside of the US must include a Declaration for Free Entry of Returned American Products form with the shipment. The correct HS code to be used for return/repair items is 9801.10

Avtron is not responsible for charges associated with Shipper’s incomplete or incorrect documentation. If helpful, advanced copies of documentation can be sent to for review and comment.

To ensure issue-free return/repair shipments, Avtron requests that they be directed to our Import broker, OIA Global. Contact details are below.

Marge Bachie

Import Operations

OIA GLOBAL | | D: 440-826-4400| M:800-783-7871| F: 440-826-4333

CLEVELAND BRANCH: 19987 Commerce Parkway, Cleveland OH 44130

All costs associated with a return/repair shipment are for the Shipper’s/Customer’s account. If Avtron finds this to be a Warranty issue, then the return shipment cost will be for Avtron’s account.  You can find a copy of our Warranty Policy for review here.

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