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Avtron Test equipment has a solid reputation for lasting many years while maintaining world-class quality and reliability. However, as technology inevitably changes, our ongoing product upgrades allow us to address technology obsolescence issues before they become critical to your business. Our sustaining engineering team stays on top of technology changes and trends as they apply to our products. This ensures that our customers will receive the longest possible use from their equipment. That is our ultimate goal at Avtron.

Avtron Upgrade offerings include:


Extended equipment life programs

Before and After Test StandAvtron can overhaul, upgrade and expand the capability of older hydraulic, generator, or ATE test stands  – providing years of new life and expanded test capability. Our team of highly experienced engineers can design to your specialized requirements, or provide expert assessments to help guide you through the process. Ask about our zero time upgrades where we can refurbish equipment to “like new” condition. This process can often double the service life of the equipment. We guarantee the quality and timeliness of our service refurbishing your equipment. Our goal with refurbishing is to help you save money and be more productive with your existing test equipment. From a complete restoration to  individual hardware and software upgrades, or computers and peripherals, we can tailor an upgrade to meet your needs. Avtron is here for you throughout the entire product life cycle to help you get the most from your equipment for the longest time possible.

DAQ upgrades for older test consoles

Avtron’s  ADAS DAQ upgrades can save thousands, provide expanded capability range, and extend the useful life of your existing test stand, even for non-Avtron equipment. Avtron provides turnkey solutions, or we can offer support to help you “do-it-yourself.” Avtron has a large library of component test programs available to build your capability. Developing new capability yourself is easy using the common test functions in ADAS. No need to purchase new transducers or sensors –  ADAS can be configured to utilize existing fixtures and console electronics.

Program revision service for TPS

Avtron can assess your older test stand software to make sure it is up to current revision. We also offer comprehensive CMM updates and TPS services. Avtron specializes in the assessment, planning and delivery of upgrade projects.  Our experienced team understands how to get the job done with the least possible disruption to production schedules.

Contact us today for an evaluation.

Old Test StandObsolete Equipment Evaluation

If you’re using an outdated test stand, don’t hesitate to reach out to Avtron to discuss your options. Avtron can evaluate your legacy equipment and discuss your options, including refurbishment or trade-in value toward a newer Avtron test stand.

Software PRSSoftware PRS Service

Stay ahead of the game by staying up to date on the latest CMM revisions.

Our Program Revision Service (PRS) ensures you can continue testing in compliance with the latest CMM revision.

  • Program Revision Service (PRS) subscribers receive monthly updates to their system and adapter software.
  • Subscriptions to this service are offered to customers who have purchased automatic test equipment from Avtron.

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