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News vs. Blog

News vs. Blog

News vs. Blog

Here at Avtron, we recently decided to take a new look at our online presence. This included trying to improve some of the ways we were communicating and engaging with our customers and visitors.

We started by taking a look at the News section of our website. This is where we had previously shared updates about our business, tradeshows we were attending, and some of our proudest engineering feats. When we first redid our website, this seemed like the right thing to do and has been received pretty well by our visitors.


After a little bit of analysis and research, we changed the News section of our website into a dedicated blog. While a new name doesn’t seem to be much of a difference, we felt there were some inherent advantages to this approach. Some of those include:

-The term “news” felt limited in what we could publish. While our old page allowed us to keep our readers up to date on stories from Avtron, we wanted to expand our reach into new areas and topics. We’d like to benefit all of our customers and website visitors by providing valuable content for our entire industry.

-A blog, by being more general, could certainly include all of the old topics we used to write about. This flexibility means we can keep people updated on news stories about Avtron just like we used to, while being more inclusive on topic ideas.

-A blog invites response from our readers. We love getting feedback and opinions on how we can improve, and a blog gives us more space to engage with our website visitors. We’re eager to hear what’s on your minds.


In writing this article, we hoped to provide a little bit of help to other companies that might be facing the same question. There are, of course, some instances where News might be a little more fitting for the section of your website dedicated to new posts. Some advantages to News articles as opposed to blog posts include:

-A more defined purpose. For some organizations, the best way to keep your audience’s attention is by sharing very specific updates about your company.

-A “timeline” of your company. A News section creates a timeline that readers can follow and watch as a company grows.


To conclude, all of these reasons contributed to our transition. We’ll be publishing more frequently, focusing on topics that can help our customers, interest our readers, and contribute to the larger Aerospace community. If you’d like to keep up with our recent posts, you can do so on our blog page here.

Has your company ever had a discussion like this one? Get in touch with us on Twitter @AvtronAerospace to let us know.

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