Hydraulic Component Test Systems

hy4Avtron Aerospace has been developing innovative test technology for nearly 60 years. We are the preferred provider of aerospace hydraulic test stands, portable hydraulic ground support equipment, and data acquisition systems used in the testing of aircraft hydraulic flight components. The reasons are simple – we consistently deliver robust designs, tailored to specific applications, built to exact customer standards, and supported by the best field service available.

Our engineers create modular system designs that support the most modern commercial and military aircraft systems and components. These designs simplify the use and maintenance of Avtron test systems, which historically have an average life of 20+ years. We protect your investment by providing future upgrades to hardware and software throughout the life of your test system.

Linear and General Flight Component Testing

H300 Series Test SystemsAvtron Aerospace H200 Series Test Systems are designed to provide functional testing for many types of hydraulic components. Typical components tested with the H200 Series Models include actuators, selector valves, hydraulic fuses, filters, accumulators and Power Transfer Units (PTUs) (design option). Within the H200 Series, you can select systems for manual or automated tests such as static and dynamic proof pressure, pressure drop, internal leakage, volumetric efficiency, solenoid valve run-in/drop-out current, and performance cycling at full flow and pressure.

These test systems feature an operator workstation that makes test control simple and easy. Through the use of manifold technology, controls are grouped for convenient operator access and efficient test routines. Alarms and test stand safety systems prevent damage to the equipment and protect the operator.

All Avtron Aerospace hydraulic models are designed to be configured for semi-automatic or full automatic operation utilizing the Avtron Data Acquisition System (ADAS). Our test stands are engineered to make testing fast and efficient using Avtron’s extensive test library. This library covers a wide range of line replaceable units (LRUs) for manual, semi-automatic, and automatic testing for commercial and military applications.

All test systems incorporate reliable components with proven performance for testing applications that meet today’s flow and pressure requirements. The versatility of our systems allows each test stand to be custom configured to meet customer requirements. For example, one station can be configured for servo valve testing, while the second test station can be set for assembly testing. Test bay configurations include easily accessible test sinks for smaller component testing, or add on bay concepts, which allow large UUTs and fixtures to be positioned next to the test stand in a protected environment.

Pump and Motor Testing

H500 Series Test SystemsAvtron’s H500 Series Universal Hydraulic Pump and Motor Test Systems perform vital post-overhaul and audit testing of airborne hydraulic pumps and motors. These operator-friendly stands are designed for ease of calibration and utilize Avtron’s Data Acquisition System, ADAS, for manual, semi- automatic, and fully automatic control, as well as automatic data acquisition. They allow closed-loop pump testing with an onboard reservoir, and open-loop hydraulic motor testing with an externally connected supply. Test stands are available for red oil (MIL-H-83282, MIL-H-5606) or Skydrol™ (LD-4, 5, PE-5) applications.

Features of the H500 Series include precise load control for the unit under test (UUT), which is accomplished with manually operated controls in the H500’s return circuit. Control circuitry and logic regulate fluid temperature to the user’s setpoint. A hardware driver in the ADAS software supplies the necessary input/ output signals for UUT testing.


The H-500 series is capable of supporting a wide range of test parameters including:

Pump compensator valve adjustment Run-in Volumetric Efficiency
Torque Friction Static and dynamic proof pressure
Performance Stability Pressure and control drift
Case relief valve and drain flow tests Blocking valve test

Servo-Component Testing

TH300 Series Test Systemshe Avtron Aerospace H300 Series Test Systems are cost-effective systems used to fully test and analyze electrohydraulic servo valves (EHVs), servo actuators, and Power Control Units (PCUs) in accordance with OEM test procedures. These easy-to-use systems employ the latest technology to meet or exceed the guidelines of SAE ARP490, Aerospace Recommended Practice, “Electrohydraulic Servo-Valves,” which is the recognized OEM standard for testing EHVs.

The H300 Series Test Systems are designed for accurate control and data acquisition, as well as general component testing. Models are offered for manual, semi-automatic, and automatic testing. For automated testing and data acquisition, the H300 Series utilizes the Avtron Data Acquisition System (ADAS). An optional response test feature is available to provide complete detailed testing capabilities. When supplied with ADAS, the test stands have a current driver for the unit under test (UUT), an LVDT programmable excitation source, 4-channel phase angle voltmeter, and modulation/demodulation circuits.

Some H300 Series models have two separate hydraulic circuits, one for servo testing and an auxiliary circuit for conventional hydraulic components or additional servo-actuated devices.

Avtron’s Data Acquisition System (ADAS)

Avtron's Data Acquisition SystemWith years of development behind it, Avtron’s Data Acquisition System (ADAS) is the most flexible, user-friendly, and efficient system available for aerospace hydraulics testing. ADAS has customized open-source software that allows you to translate a test procedure easily into a manual or automated test sequence for any type of aircraft hydraulic component. It can be used with Avtron Aerospace hydraulic test equipment or adapted for use with your existing test systems. Many of our customers have found that ADAS is a convenient and cost-effective way to upgrade an existing test system with modern, reliable, and easy-to-use PC-based equipment.

ADAS provides high-speed, multi-channel system data acquisition to record and plot pressures, flows, temperatures, UUT position, velocity, drive current, and various signals as defined by a test unit’s protocols. In addition to real-time test control and data acquisition, its software contains comprehensive data analysis and reporting functions. The Review Data function allows archived information to be displayed on screen, printed, archived to separate media, and reviewed on any Windows® based PC using standard JPEG and Excel® formats.

The ADAS graphical user interface greatly simplifies configuring and operating the test system. Point-and-click programming eliminates the need and expense of having a programmer write code but still allows customized end user capabilities. For example, it can be programmed for manual operation using an Operator Prompt Sequence (OPS) or set up for automatic operation using a Test Procedure Sequence (TPS), which includes automatic application and verification of a test stimulus. Operators can select pre-programmed test routines, which provide precise, repeatable testing and eliminate errors. A programmable operator message system with step-by-step prompts ensures adherence to the various test procedures (CMMs, TOs, etc.).

Central System Hydraulic Power Units

AvtroHydraulic System and Plane in Flightn Aerospace H400 Series Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) are custom-built to support a specific customer’s red oil (MIL-H-83282, MIL-H-5606) or Skydrol™ (LD-4, 5, PE-5) application at the flow and pressure specified. They are used to supply hydraulic power to aircraft under test and remote hydraulic consoles. Our designs employ the latest pump technology to ensure quiet, reliable operation and minimal energy consumption. Modern manifolds are used to minimize space, reduce leakage, and simplify maintenance. Our Central System HPUs are easily adaptable to a variety of electrical power supply requirements for unique in-country standards.

The H400 Series is designed with an open frame construction for easy installation, operation, and maintenance. Each unit consists of a reservoir, heat exchanger, pump/motor groups, remote mount filters, manifolds, and electrical control box mounted on a rigid carbon steel base and frame. Controls are manually operated and labeled for ease of use. Maintenance items such as filters and suction strainers are located for easy access.

The hydraulic circuit control components (relief valve, check valve, filter, and differential pressure switch) are mounted and interconnected through a remote mount filter manifold system. By using a manifold, as well as new seal technology, many of the inherent problems associated with hydraulic component interconnections are eliminated and other advantages gained. The solid metal manifold is drilled and ported to form a hydraulic circuit between the components mounted on it. This eliminates leakage related to hydraulic tube fittings, and maintenance problems associated with the replacement or servicing of in-line mounted components. Manifolds also simplify troubleshooting and system adjustments. Other advantages such as direct port-to-port connections, increased overall system efficiency, and tighter pressure control are achieved, while decreasing contamination and pressure drop.

IDG Lube Component Test Systems

The Avtron Aerospace H600 Series Test Stand can be used to test CSD and IDG governors, charge and scavenge pumps, pressure switches, and other small hydraulic components. This test system uses ADAS, Avtron’s Data Acquisition System, for manual, semi- automatic, and automatic control, including automatic data acquisition. Custom designs are also available to meet specific customer requirements.

Custom Engineering

High Density Manifold Circuits

High Density Manifold Circuits

Avtron Aerospace has a proven record of developing innovative test solutions for airframe manufacturers, component OEMs, airlines, and military MROs for both stationary hangar testing and portable use on the flight line. To serve this diverse market, we’ve assembled engineers from many aerospace disciplines who create innovative customized solutions to meet the most demanding requirements. Whether it is for the production line, research and development, or a unique application, our experienced engineering team will work with you to design a custom test system that will meet your needs.

Current Avtron Aerospace test systems can often be customized to feature:

  • Dynamic pressures up to 7500psi
  • Flows up to 100 Gpm
  • Servo control
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Custom fixtures and fittings


In House Manifold Design

In House Manifold Design

These custom systems have been designed to test linear hydraulic valves and actuators, servo valves and actuators, uplocks, motors, pumps, and brakes. Non-test customization might involve fluid conditioning or hose flushing. Most Avtron models can be customized to support all commercial and military aircraft.

While providing unique performance capabilities, Avtron Aerospace test equipment is designed to be user-friendly, modular, supportable, and upgradeable. Our designs use highly reliable components from carefully screened vendors, which improves the reliability and maintainability of test system performance.

We understand that every customer’s needs are unique. We provide the right solution to meet your demands, with enough flexibility to easily accommodate future requirements. This results in the lowest cost of ownership with the longest possible service life.

The world’s largest Airframers and OEMs have been trusting Avtron Aerospace to supply their unique hydraulic test needs for decades. Contact us with your challenging test specifications – we’ll supply a custom-tailored solution and follow up with the best field service in the industry.

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