AX Series Test Systems for Component
Production & MRO Testing


axchartsThe Avtron Aerospace AX Series Test System offers our customers the most versatile generator test system in the industry. This next generation stand replaces the very successful K838AT & K938 platforms, retaining compatibility with previously sold adapters. These systems are primarily used for production, and return-to-service testing of a broad range of aircraft units, including:

  • Main, Auxiliary, and APU Generators
  • IDGs
  • CSDs
  • Wild Frequency Generators and Starter/Generators
  • DC starter/Generators

Avtron’s AX Test Systems are the cornerstone products for universal generator testing. While supporting a wide range of components, these systems improve the bottom line for our customers by decreasing test times and enhancing quality control. The AX Series is ideal for supporting regional jet, narrow body, and wide body aircraft, such as CRJ, ERJ, C-Series, 737, A320, 777, 787, A350 and A380.

AX systems include options for automatic, semi-automatic, and manual modes of operation. Standard system ratings of 150-1500 HP provide flexibility for MRO shops testing small AC and DC generators and starter/generators to shops supporting the latest commercial aircraft. These systems have been designed as a universal test platform and will support a wide range of aircraft generator components. Adapter kits and software supporting individual components are available to increase the support capability of the system. Please consult with an Avtron Aerospace sales representative to ensure appropriate configuration of system options are provided to meet the needs of your business.

The AX Series Test Stands use AC motor/drive technology for improved system performance and lower long-term maintenance cost. With AC motors, there is no need for expensive brush and commutator maintenance you normally have with DC motors. AC motors offer higher operating speeds, which can either eliminate the need for a speed increasing gearbox or reduce the gear ratio of the speed increasing gearbox. Reduced gearbox ratios improve system performance by providing higher output torques and improved speed control. Avtron only uses AC motors and drives from industry-leading manufacturers, so long term support is guaranteed.

Avtron Test Stand

K838 Test System

Avtron’s Model K838 Test Stand is available in versions from 50 HP to 150 HP, designed for manual operation. These low-cost units are ideal for smaller airline and OEM shops testing AC and DC starter/generators found on most business jets, commuter aircraft, and military and commercial helicopters. Motors are rated for continuous horsepower application and overload capability. A universal test adapter design means that future upgrades can be added at low cost. In addition, many options are available for the K838 design, allowing it to be tailored for each customer’s specific requirements.

Drive System. A variety of gearboxes and high-speed AC motors are available to provide the speed ranges your applications demand. Microprocessor drive controls feature programmed-in protection, programmable range limits, and precise digital control. These solid-state controls and heavy-duty motors contribute to a long service life and easy replacement if ever needed.

Starter testing can be accomplished without the need of additional test fixtures. The K838 can perform locked rotor, free-spin, and load inertial testing, without ever removing the generator from the test stand.

  • Hydraulic systems and load banks are sized to meet existing and future needs
  • Easy access to controls helps speed up manual testing
  • Controls and displays are designed to simplify testing and shorten a user’s learning curve
  • Modular design makes future modifications and expansion of test capabilities easy and cost effective to meet the needs of a fluctuating shop environment


Military Test Stand

K400C Test Systems for Military Aircraft Component Testing

The K400C Test Stand (NSN 4920-01-618-5463) replaces the obsolete Avtron K400B Test Stand (NSN 4920-01-093-0521). The K400C supports all military aircraft and has a T.O. documentation package familiar to the USAF and FMS customers. The K400C has options for automatic, semi-automatic, and manual operating modes. The K400C is fully compatible with K400B and K938 test adapters, thus protecting USAF and US Navy investment in legacy aircraft support. The 500 HP DC drive motor, dual pad gearbox and flexible hardware configuration ensure newer aircraft such as F-22, F-35, KC-46A, and others can be supported for years to come.

  • F-15 Series
  • C-130 Series
  • C-5
  • E-3
  • C-17
  • B-1B
  • F-22
  • UH-60
  • CH-47
  • E-2
  • F-16 A-D
  • KC-46A
  • A-10
  • KC-135
  • B-52
  • F-18 C/D
  • F-35
  • UH-1
  • CH-53
  • V-22

Development Lab & Custom Test Systems

The key to our success in development test systems is establishing a close collaborative relationship with OEM engineers to precisely define test needs, and then engineer a customized system to meet those needs. Avtron assumes complete responsibility, including program management, for delivering a turnkey system that meets the OEM’s specifications and performance requirements. Moreover, we deliver systems that typically cost less than homegrown test stands built in-house.

  • Drive and motor configurations from 50 HP to 2000 HP
  • Single or dual coupled motors for reduced inertia
  • Single pad, dual pad, or triple pad gearbox configurations and speeds up to 100,000 RPM
  • Custom UUT Cooling Hydraulic Supplies
  • Custom Load Bank Configurations
  • Coordinated Drive Control of multiple drive stands
  • Digital or Analog Speed and Ramp Rate Control
  • Engine Start Simulation (ESS) to include:
    – Reverse windmill start simulation
    – Variable friction and windage tables
    – Ground and in-flight start simulation
    – Seamless simulation of engine start and light-off profiles
  • Customized software for specific use and control requirements

Avtron’s experience includes OEM development systems for a wide variety of commercial and military aircraft. On the commercial side, this ranges from small airframes such as the Bombardier
Global Express to the latest Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 and A380. Our military experience includes test systems that supported development of the F-16, F/A-18, F-22, and the Comanche attack helicopter.

Application Flexibility. Avtron’s development lab test system designs encompass open hardware and software architectures. When a copper/iron bird lab project is completed, the Avtron system for that phase can be deployed for production testing. Because we make extensive use of highly reliable COTS components, every test system can be easily upgraded for future development lab applications.

Whether the need is manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic testing, Avtron will configure a system to fit your budget and project goals. Our computerized systems use the latest Intel® microprocessor technology running on a Windows® operating system. Computer data acquisition is available for detailed analysis, including trending and statistical process control. Our user interface is designed to make test setup easy and minimize the opportunity for human errors.

Options for Demanding Applications. Avtron has delivered test stands ranging in size from 50 HP for rotary wing aircraft to 2000 HP AC drives for development of the latest high-power commercial and military applications.


Test Stand XL Upgrades

Avtron’s K738 and K400B Generator Test Stands have proven to be highly reliable, even after many years of service. While the motors and gearboxes on these systems can continue to serve the applications for which they were designed, more modern electronics can further extend system life and improve test efficiency. To increase our customers’ satisfaction and improve their return on investment, Avtron offers its XL (eXtendedLife) upgrades for these two test stand models. The XL upgrades include updated controls, drive power supply, load bank, data acquisition system, metering, and user interface. An XL upgrade will:

  • Protect your investment by avoiding the need for a new test stand and adapter hardware. XL upgrades maintain compatibility with existing test solutions.
  • Extend the life of existing equipment at a fraction of the cost of a new stand.
  • Increase productivity by including Avtron’s ATE++ operating software. This application runs on Microsoft Windows® and provides an improved user interface to simplify operation.
  • Reduce maintenance costs by replacing crucial parts of the system with the latest commercially available electronics. This will improve system reliability and help increase uptime.

Start-up and training services are included with the purchase of an XL upgrade. In addition, all XL upgrade components carry an Avtron one-year warranty.

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