Avtron's Data Acquisition System - ADAS

Avtron’s Data Acquisition System – ADAS – is the computerized “front end” for your test bench or mechanical fixture. A stand-alone data acquisition and control system that can be connected to multiple test cells, ADAS provides high-speed, multi-channel system data acquisition to record and plot pressures, flows, temperatures, position, velocity, drive current, and various signals as required by the test procedure for the Unit Under Test (UUT).

Data Acquisition System

The ADAS can also provide data acquisition for non-Avtron test systems or can be used in conjunction with small mechanical fixtures testing non-hydraulic components. Regardless of the application, through the use of adaptation, Avtron’s data acquisition system has the capability to provide the following measurement types:

Temperature Load
Voltage Pressure
Current Resistance
Strain Power


Avtron’s ADAS offers the data acquisition capability necessary to support testing for a wide variety of aircraft hydraulic components such as:

Linear/Rotary Actuators AC Driven Pumps
3-way and 4-way Servo Valves Flight Controls
Brake Valves Relief Valves
Engine Driven Pumps Thrust Reversers
Hydraulic Motors And More


ADAS offers a National Instruments LabVIEW based software package combined with state-of-the-art PC-based data acquisition hardware. No previous programming experience is required. Users can be easily trained to create or modify test programs using a point-and-click programming interface. Test programs can also be created and purchased from Avtron.

Next Generation ADAS Configuration Options:

Avtron’s Next Generation ADAS consoles offer the same proven software interface you know and love, with the added flexibility of allowing you to choose only the amount of capability you need. All options are field upgradable, allowing for additional capability to be added as needed.

  • ADAS Option 1 (Model D750-1) Provides basic data acquisition suitable for testing simple UUT’s such as actuators, hydraulic fuses, and relief valves.
  • ADAS Option 2 (Model D750-2) Provides all the capability of Option 1, but adds the ability to support selector valves, brake valves, and other UUT’s which require solenoid stimulus.
  • ADAS Option 3 (Model D750-3) Provides all the capability of Options 1 and 2, but adds the ability to support 4-way and 3-way electrohydraulic servo valves.
  • ADAS Option 4 (Model D750-4) Provides all the capability of Option 1, 2, and 3, plus the added capability to test some of the most advanced UUT’s, including Power Control Units (PCU) and other flight controls.


Next Generation ADAS Add-On Features:

  • Dual monitor option is now available to allow for simultaneous viewing of digital test procedure documents while executing a test.
  • Calibration and Self-Test Adapter is now available to provide diagnostic testing of the ADAS system and simplifies the calibration process.
  • ADAS Legacy Adapter is now available to provide backward compatibility for customers migrating connections to older ADAS units over to the Next Generation ADAS.

ADAS units can be provided to military customers as specified by
NSN 4920-01-529-4368 or NSN 4920-01-613-4231.

data acquisition testing screens

The ADAS testing screen provides a high level of functionality. Stimulus controls are provided on the right side of the screen, allowing easy access to UUT and test bench stimulus. An XYY plot is provided in the center of the screen for easy plot creation. An array of system meters is provided on a separate tab for simple measurements.

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