Capability Expansion

Avtron equipment is aerospace testing equipment with built in capability expansion DSCN1088engineered to support expanded capabilities so it can be readily adapted to your changing requirements. We design future capability expansion into all of our test equipment. Keep your equipment current with the latest industry requirements while increasing your capability range.


Avtron equipment can grow and expand to accommodate your changing business needs for hydraulic, generator, and scalability in aerospace testing systems DSCN1043_outlinedATE.

  • Co-development of new capabilities with the MRO.
  • Extensive commercial and military capability.
  • Hardware – Avtron can add instrumentation, support new communications, or manage hardware modifications to support new tests.​
  • Software – Avtron offers TPS support and PRS services. We can also modify software to accommodate your changing test needs.
  • Universal Automatic Test EquipmentTest Adapters – Avtron offers high quality adapters to test a wide variety of airplane components.​
  • Process Optimization and Diagnostics – Need support with a difficult test or application? Avtron’s engineers can help you achieve maximum throughput.
  • Fixtures & Tooling – Avtron can design custom fixtures and tooling that can adapt to your individual test situation.​
  • OEM licensed capabilities.

We already maintain expanded capability for a wide range of aircraft including 777, A320, 787, A350, F-16 and MANY more. Need a new capability? Avtron can add it.

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