14 Jan

Avtron Leads A380 Engine-Driven Pump Testing with Korean Air

We are proud to announce that Korean Airlines has successfully completed the testing of the A380 engine-driven pump (EDP) at their Busan, South Korea, component repair facility. Using a standard Avtron H502 test stand and Avtron’s Data Acquisition System (ADASTM), engineering teams from Korean Air and Avtron Aerospace worked together to complete this milestone in expanded MRO capability.

The eight engine-driven pumps on the A380 are rated at 5000psi and deliver 48 gallons of hydraulic fluid per minute, producing an 1120hp system-more than three times the hydraulic system horsepower generated on most commercial aircraft. A majority of the test bench designs currently in service at MRO facilities worldwide do not provide the pressure ratings and capability required to support newer aircraft platforms such as the A380 and B787. Korean Air selected Avtron Aerospace’s next generation of universal test systems to upgrade their component repair capabilities to support the aircraft platforms of the future.

The Korean Air project leader, Mr. Jaemun Kim, summarized this accomplishment by saying, “We are very proud to have successfully completed this strategic milestone. The deployment of our remote controlled 5000psi hydraulic test capability using the (Avtron) H502 has been a success. The technical cooperation between Korean Air and Avtron Aerospace has been excellent. In the coming months we will work together with Avtron Aerospace engineering to complete testing of the A380 electric motor driven pumps (EMDP) using the Avtron H502 test stand and data acquisition system.”

The four A380 AC electric motor-driven pumps present additional and new control requirements for component repair shops. Steven West, VP Sales & Marketing, Avtron Aerospace commented, “We are committed to supporting Korean Air as we work toward this next milestone in expanded MRO capability. We look forward to demonstrating A380 EMDP test capability at Korean Air’s world class MRO facility in the near future!”

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