Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for Electronics

uni1Avtron Aerospace has developed innovative test technology for more than 60 years. We are the preferred provider of aerospace automatic test equipment for simple reasons—we consistently deliver user-friendly, state-of-the-art test solutions with robust designs, tailored to specific applications, built to exacting customer standards, and supported by the best field service available.

Our engineers create modular system designs that support the most modern commercial and military systems and components. These designs simplify the use and maintenance of Avtron test systems, which historically have an average life of 20+ years. We protect your investment by providing future upgrades to hardware and software throughout the life of your test system.


univateThe Avtron Aerospace UnivATE is an automatic test set designed to test aircraft electrical control boxes and flight control units that can be used by our customers all over the globe, including airline and third-party MRO shops, commercial and military OEMs, and Airframers worldwide. The fully automatic test stand, with the option for full manual control, has been designed to test a variety of Air Flight and Aircraft High-Power Controls.

The UnivATE provides the best of both worlds:

  • Fast, accurate, and repeatable automatic GO/NO GO testing and fault isolation of aircraft electrical and power components.
  • Convenient manual control of UnivATE Test Set resources for detailed Unit Under Testing (UUT) troubleshooting.

The UnivATE provides the important advantage of bringing many different testing applications to a single test station, creating virtually endless opportunities for testing electrical control and power components on a single test bed. It eliminates the need for specialized test equipment for each and every aircraft component.

Automatic testing of aircraft panels greatly increases shop work output. The UnivATE system helps improve shop production rates. Its data analyses allow customers to identify the source of a component problem quickly, ensuring units are promptly returned back to service. Moreover, the UnivATE can run a test as fast as the CMM or ATLAS Test Requirements Document allows, with no knowledge of computer programming needed, making it compact, efficient, and easy to use.

The Avtron UnivATE is a compact, three-bay test set, floor-mounted on a base, and designed for use in an avionics and electric shop environment. With a sleek black finish to match its computer components, the UnivATE has a modern appearance. It includes a computer workstation with a large LCD display, keyboard, printer, and even a warning light indicating when operator intervention is necessary. The operator controls are located in the front for operator convenience.

Most importantly, it contains the following resources: AC and DC power supplies, stimulus, reed, and high power relays, counter timer, digital I/O, various communication cards, and instrumentation.

The UnivATE has everything needed to facilitate automatic testing for a variety of aircraft.

At Avtron, we have a broad range of serial links. We can support any communication protocol; therefore, we are able to test any unit.


Plane Lift Off

Test Set Software consists of visExec Executive Software, Executive Libraries, and Device Drivers. visExec is a powerful visual executive for the K825B/UnivATE. This software is ordinarily transparent to the customer, even customers who choose to write their own test program sets. It includes many cost-saving and easy-to-use features such as:

  • Point and click mouse-driven interface
  • Full featured automatic and manual modes
  • Graphical report generator
  • 3 levels of login security
  • Detailed analysis of test history
  • Easy to program Visual Basic TPS
  • Many levels of step control for debugging
  • Troubleshooting display for each step
  • Macro recording requires no programming knowledge
  • Full step control (start, stop,pause, repeat, etc.)
  • Complete test control (adjust onfail, pause on fail, etc.)


VisExec controls the automatic functions of the test set. This comprehensive task sequencer includes all of the following and more:

  • Logexec2in security with different levels of access
  • Execution of Test Program Set (TPS) sequences
  • Complete test control down to the Task and Step level
  • Test results display for all measurements
  • Graphical Report Generator for test reports
  • TCM manual test set control
  • Graphical oscilloscope control
  • Data analysis, and self-test


The Report Generator takes test reports stored in the computer and displays them in graphical format. This report can display all data for the currently running test (i.e., the Current Test Report), only failures from the currently running test (the Current Failures Report), or any previously run test. The UnivATE data analysis allows customers to analyze test results quickly and identify the source of a component problem, ensuring units are quickly returned back to service.

The software can setup, control and read data from the Test Set’s oscilloscope. PASS/FAIL criteria is determined from the data read from the oscilloscope. Data can be saved with the current test report for later retrieval if needed.

Any desired measurement can be made or any setting applied as long as it is within the capabilities of the oscilloscope. The graph page, an example of which is shown above, displays the data obtained from the scope.

Our Test Set Software also comes with Technician Control Mode (TCM). Technician Control Mode (TCM) allows complete manual control of the test set resources for trouble-shooting a defective UUT. The test operator can perform several functions in TCM mode including: DMM measure, Digital I/O monitor, Logic Sense read, and Macro execution.

It can also be used for custom tests on Line Replaceable Units. Technician Control Mode provides all of the control facilities necessary to make UnivATE a true test workstation, without altering or slowing down UnivATE automatic test operations.

Self-Test & Calibration

Tselftesthe UnivATE includes a power up test that performs a quick confidence check by verifying operation of computer hardware, power supplies, and relay racks.

This capability allows establishing the functionality and calibration of adapters quickly and automatically, decreasing test time by up to 75 percent. Customers report that tests formerly taking seven hours or more are completed in 30 minutes or less. The UnivATE data analysis allows customers to analyze test results quickly and identify the source of a component problem, ensuring units are quickly returned to service.



All test sets can be remotely controlled and serviced anywhere in the world. This service can be used to:

  • Fix problems
  • Update software
  • Provide training
  • Update CMM revisions
  • Change configurations


With customer permission and password, Avtron has complete control over the test set operation and software from thousands of miles away. There is no need to wait for a flight or a delivery; service is provided instantly.

Upgrades and Capability Expansion

upgradesAt Avtron, we are continuously looking to improve on our test stations in order to protect your investment. By constantly addressing obsolete parts, we offer upgrades in order to help them keep their UnivATE systems as up to date as possible, leading to an increased life span. For just the fraction of the cost of a new test stand, the UnivATE now offers the following upgrades:

  • Computer Upgrade with visExec Software Environment
  • New Communication Boards (requires computer upgrade)
  • Digital I/O Cards, Hard Drive Protection
  • Adapter Self-Test and Calibration

Computer Upgrade

All functionality which used to require two computers have now been put into one, and it is fully supportable with industry standard add-on cards, USB, etc., as well as compatible with Windows 7, making it more reliable.

Communication Cards

Since the communication computer is no longer needed, new communication cards are provided which are compatible to modern computer bus structure. The new cards are fully-supportable, replaceable, and expandable. With the elimination of the communication computer, test time on LRUs requiring read/write operations for testing is significantly reduced. For example:


  • 777 GCU testing time: Originally 3 hours to now just 1.5 hours.
  • A3xx GAPCU testing time: Originally 3.5 hours to now just 45 minutes.


Hard Drive Protection

Included in the computer upgrade, Avtron provides two hard drives. Both hard drives are configured to store the same data. If one hard drive fails, the second hard drive can be configured quickly to be used. This ensures production impact is minimal and test data is not lost.

All adapters can now be updated with self-test capability. This capability allows verifying the functionality and calibration of adapters quickly and automatically, decreasing test time by up to 75 percent. Additionally, visExec can be used to upgrade any old UnivATE or K825B model. And there is no need to worry because software upgrades are made without losing existing programs. This Windows-based software program is quick and easy to learn, reducing training time and lowering the skill level required for safe, economical testing.

Digital I/O

The Digital I/O Cards are replaced with modern supportable cards that reduce cable interconnection from eight low density cables to just two high-density cables. This can increase speed and reliability of testing and is easier to maintain.

Custom Applications for ATE

customapplicationsAvtron Aerospace has been developing innovative test technology for more than 50 years. We have assembled experienced engineers from many aerospace disciplines in order to provide innovative custom solutions to our clients. Whether it is a simple one- time test, an expansion of your company’s capability list, or a custom modification to your test console, Avtron’s engineering team can work with you to design a custom test system to meet your needs. If you already have a solution but desire consultation on a contract that is up for bid, contact Avtron Aerospace with your challenges and allow us to provide a custom-tailored solution.

The key to our success is establishing a close collaborative relationship with OEM engineers to define test needs precisely, and then engineer a customized system to address them. Whether it is for the production line, research and development, or a unique application, our experienced engineering team will work with you to design a custom test system that will meet your needs.

We understand that every customer’s needs are unique. We provide the right solution to meet your demands, with enough flexibility to accommodate future requirements easily. This results in the lowest cost of ownership with the longest possible service life.

The world’s largest Airframers and OEMs have been trusting Avtron Aerospace to supply their unique testing needs for decades. Contact us with your challenging test specifications—we’ll supply a custom-tailored solution and follow up with the best field service in the industry.

Program Revision Service (PRS)

prsAvtron provides Program Revision Service (PRS), which allows customers to receive automatic TPS software upgrades at a fixed annual rate as new revisions become available. The advantages of PRS include: a fixed budget, the assurance of running the most up-to-date test procedures, shared developmental costs, and timely and convenient updates for the system and adapter software programs. This service provides quick and convenient hardware and software updates, keeping Test Program Sets current. PRS saves UnivATE operators time and money by shifting TPS support to Avtron and allowing user personnel to focus on core support activities.

Virginia Panel Maintenance Kit

Easily Maintain Your ATE Virginia Panel

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