Engineering Solutions to Meet your Aerospace Production Testing Requirements


Production test system for hydraulic slat and flap actuators

As a long-time supplier to the world leaders in aerospace component manufacturing, we understand the quality and schedule demands associated with your new program launch.  Our experience allows us to help you specify, design, and build solutions to meet your program quality requirements—including the documentation to correlate and certify product test data.

Today’s commercial and military aircraft have increasingly demanding hydraulic and power requirements.  Specialized component knowledge is essential to developing test machines from these requirements. We have in-depth expertise in developing reliable and easy to operate test systems for aerospace component OEMs that manufacture:

  • Electro-Mechanical—Starters, CSDs, IDGs, generators, fans, actuators, valves
  • Hydraulic—Gear boxes, pumps, transmissions, actuators, cylinders, valves, electronic cooling systems, fuel nozzles
  • Electronics—Control units, valves, oil coolers, GCUs, bus protection panels, temperature controls, power supplies, static inverters



Hydraulic pump and motor test system with safety and noise suppression enclosure

Intuitive Data Acquisition and Control System with a Future

We understand aerospace test, and our software development services for test, data acquisition, and control applications help operators test for and document compliance accurately. Whether working independently or as part of your team, we can develop customer specifications and provide turnkey solutions using our proven Avtron Data Acquisition System (ADAS).

Based on National Instruments’ hardware and LabVIEW® software, ADAS is a powerful and flexible data acquisition and control platform designed specifically to support the unique production test requirements of aerospace component OEMs. Traceability, reporting tools, and a wide range of off-the-shelf test functionality make ADAS the preferred platform for world-leading aerospace OEMs looking for a supportable platform solution.



Upgrade and Requalify Your Production Test System with Minimal Risk to Production Schedules

Avtron's Data Acquisition System

Because production runs of aerospace components often span decades, it’s common to find old test machines in need of a data acquisition upgrade. Integrating new data acquisition technology with an older tester often delivers a great return on investment (ROI).

Avtron Aerospace specializes in the assessment, planning and installation of upgrade projects. Our application engineers understand the unique challenges that come with these projects and use Avtron processes that help customers recommission and requalify test machines with the least possible disruption to production schedules.

Avtron provides leading OEMs with the technology and services needed to successfully upgrade test systems, which includes:

  • Survey of sensor and transducer obsolescence
  • Survey of data acquisition and control hardware obsolescence
  • Planning for next-generation sensor and hardware requirements
  • Integration of new data acquisition and control
  • Installation and commissioning of hardware
  • Test program software development
  • Correlation, qualification, and commissioning
  • Training and support plan

Central Hydraulic Systems for Aircraft Production and Hanger Maintenance

  • All major commercial and military aircrafts supported
  • Flushing carts, hydraulic power units, central hydraulic power, system integration
  • Skydrol™ or Red Oil
  • Pressures up to 5000 PSI for the most demanding commercial and military aircraft requirements

Avtron H462 centralized hydraulic system with operator consoles test aircraft hydraulic circuits during production


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