01 Nov

Safe Fuel Systems selects Avtron Aerospace for Hydraulic Expansion

Safe Fuel Systems, Inc. (Hialeah, Florida) announces the purchase of the Avtron Aerospace H205 Hydraulic Component Test System with H402-50S Hydraulic Power Unit and Next Generation ADAS for data acquisition. With this purchase, Safe Fuel adds the ability to service a wider range of hydraulic components including Power Control Units, Servo Actuators, Servo Control Manifolds, Autopilots, and THSA’s. “Choosing Avtron’s test stand will give us the peace of mind needed to accomplish our vision and goals for 2015 and beyond,” says Rafael Fuentes, President, Safe Fuel Systems. “It is the most comprehensive and technically advanced equipment in the market for Hydraulics.”

The new Avtron test equipment will replicate aircraft hydraulic pressures, demands and flow rates specified in testing requirements for a variety of components used in newer fleets. The ability to control pressures up to 5,000psi and capture data via Avtron’s newly redesigned ADAS unit ensures Safe Fuel will be prepared to support next generation aircraft platforms such as the Boeing 787, Airbus A350 and A380.

Safe Fuel Systems will be one of the first MRO facilities in the U.S. to own the Next Generation ADAS, the newly redesigned version of Avtron’s popular data acquisition system. By pairing ADAS with the Avtron H205 test bench, Safe Fuel will add to their capability as well as improve the efficiency and quality of their current component test process.

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